Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Gift

In honor of finishing my first half marathon, my sweet hubby surprised me with a gift Saturday night. (I have to brag on him after yesterday's post, which by the way, his response to the post was, "Aren't I entitled to a brain fart every now and then?!?"  That was one BIG brain fart, my friend!)

Anyway.....back to the gift.  Adam surprised me with my very own RoadID band.

This little bad boy is to be worn when you're running and is customized with all my personal information.  In case something was to happen while I'm running, the concerned citizen who finds me will know who I am and who to contact.  It's really a smart thing to wear while you're running, because you just never know what might happen.

Adam said, since I run a lot by myself, having a RoadID makes him feel more comfortable.  How thoughtful!  I love my new RoadID and my sweet hubby!

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