Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mother Earth

Happy Earth Day!  The Sumralls celebrated at the Earth Day festival at Centennial Park today.

Beauford got LOTS of attention and loved every minute of it.  Adam didn't even realize Beauford was getting loved on while he was in line for food.  What can I say, Beauford is a ladies man....

 Good food was had by all.  Adam - Greek food and me - bbq nachos!

 We met up with these three ladies: Nicole, Etta (Beauford's lady friend) and Danielle.

 We enjoyed the beautiful weather while listening to some local bands perform.

 The Sumralls

Poor Beauf was SO tired by the time we left.  The sun must have really zapped him.  He would walk from one car shade to the next and collapse.  I tried to just go get the car and pick them up, but everytime he saw me walking away, he would take off sprinting after me.  It was like he was saying, "Oh HECK No!  You aren't leaving without me!" Ha!  He was so pitiful....

And I leave you with a little Earth Day jam. (Please forgive the quality; it was the best I could find...)

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