Thursday, April 21, 2011

Juicy Gossip

Oh Lawd......

This week in Celebrity news:

Kevin Federline is having ANOTHER baby. 
This makes baby #5 and the first with girlfriend Victoria Prince, former professional volleyball player.  How is this man still allowed to procreate?

In other baby news....

Kody and Robyn, from the show Sister Wives, are expecting their first child together.  This will make baby #17 for Kody and fourth for Robyn.  Robyn is the newest wife and wife #4.  Kody is by far the goofiest guy ever!  What do these women see in him?!?

These rascals are going to be on a reality show together.
Former Hills star Heidi Montag, Bachelor star Jake Pavelka, Real Housewives of New Jersey villain Danielle Staub, musicians DJ Paul and Juicy "J," singer Ashley Dupre and The Sopranos' Vincent Pastore will be on VH1's Famous Food, which will give seven celebs the chance to open their own West Hollywood restaurant.  Train wreck for sure!

It's almost time!  The big day is April 29.
Is anyone else ready for this thing to be over?!?  I'm sick of hearing about it.  I'm not gonna lie, I do want to see pictures from the big day, but I don't have to know every.single.little.detail.  Enough!

Now for the saddest news of the week...

Teen Mom 2's Leah and Corey filed for divorce.
This just breaks my heart.  I really thought they were a good match and was rootin' for them....

And I leave you with:

The long awaited trailer for The Help was finally released this week.  Here's hoping the movie lives up to the a-maz-ing book!  If nothing else, it's got to be good for the sheer fact that it was shot in Mississippi.

August 2011 - I can't wait!!

And now you're up-to-date on all the news that really matters!

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  1. Seriously, can someone snip KFED?!?!?!?!!? He is seriously part of what is wrong in this world!!! UGH!

    That new reality show looks like a train wreck for sure!!!! How scary is that lady on the right? Ahhhh!!!! I am guessing she is the Real Housewife?

    I cannot watch the Teen Mom show because I want to take away all of the kids and give them a loving home with stable parents so I cannot comment on that. LOL

  2. Ok KFed 5 babies...goofy guy 17? Something wrong with any of this?

  3. Soooo happy to hear about The Help movie. I LOVED the book and had no idea there was a movie in the works. I usually don't like movies made from books, but for some reason I think this one will be good! Thanks Shannon!


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