Monday, April 4, 2011

Eye Opener

Today at lunch, I was telling my good friend Val about my near death experience while Adam and I were walking Beauford on Saturday. It went something like this:

Adam was to my left walking Beauford on our retractable leash. Beauford had stopped for one of his zillion sniff breaks (typical), and Adam and I continued walking. By the time Beauford decided to catch back up with the group, he was now behind me on my right side. All of the sudden, Beauford bolted ahead of us leaving me stuck in the middle being sliced behind the knees by the leash.   
That story was probably confusing, so here is a diagram to better explain (don’t laugh!):
I immediately fell to the ground yelling for Adam to stop! It was SUPER painful and left me with this little beauty:
(never mind the pasty white legs; focus on the injury!)

After hearing my horrific story, Val proceeded to tell me how dangerous retractable leashes really are. What?!? I had never heard of such, but Val said people have lost fingers and toes due to retractable leashes. I was horrified! I mean Holy Moly HORRIFIED!

After doing a little research, my fears completely escalated. Check out this article about the dangers of retractable leashes on OMG!  As stated in the article:

“In 2007 there were 16,564 hospital-treated injuries associated with leashes…Of those, about 10.5 percent involved children 10 and younger; 23.5 percent involved injuries to the finger.”

Done. DONE! No more retractable leashes at the Sumrall estate. They are officially banned! B-A-N-N-E-D Banned!

I don’t know about yall, but I’m not loosing a finger while walking the dog. I already look like I got slashed behind the knee with a knife…..

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  1. that has happened to me before too! Dangerous.

  2. Yep, I am definitely a survivor of a similar injury. And in such a painful spot...sorry Shan!

  3. I learn so much from your blogs... Thanks for sharing and I hope you heal well.

  4. Eek! That is in such a nasty place. Hope it gets better quickly!

    Once upon a time I used a retractable. Got cut so bad once I almost needed stitches. Not a good thing.

  5. I had no idea so many people had been injured by retractable leashes - yall have reaffirmed my ban!

    And Kevin, that's what I try to be here at the ole blog - educational. Haha! Yeah right!

  6. That looks so painful!! Owie!

    Yeah, apparently "regular" leashes are better, especially for training purposes. When I took my old dog to doggie class, we were only allowed to have regular leashes. Crazy, huh?

  7. OMGosh.....bless your heart. Thank God it didn't get any deeper :(

    Thanks for sharing that tip on retractable leashes. Your Beauford is a beauty!

    Have a great day,


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