Friday, April 1, 2011

Brace Yourself!!

So I’m sure you are all curious as to what the big news is (I know, the suspense is killing me too!). Well, No. 1, I am NOT pregnant. Let’s just get that out of the way first! SOOO………

There is a big possibility that Adam and I (& Beauford, too) will have our own REALITY SHOW!!

Can you believe it!?! I know, it’s crazy! Someone actually wants to film my life and broadcast it to the world!  I know some of my closer friends are thinking, "What?  I'm just now hearing about this?!?"  Well, I just got the ok yesterday that I could start talking about it today (trust me, it's been KILLING me keeping such a huge secret!).  Hey, at least I told you before you saw a camera crew following me around, right?

So here’s how it all went down:
I received an email last week from a producer here in Nashville who is creating a new reality show about a young, hip couple living in Music City and everything that goes along with it. How did he find me you ask? Well, apparently his wife stumbled across my blog some time ago and has been an avid follower ever since. When the producer mentioned the new project he was working on to his wife, she immediately mentioned me and showed him my blog. He too was an instant fan.

After receiving the initial email, we spoke on the phone and later had a meeting where he explained the concept to Adam and me. I was immediately on board, and after a little convincing, Adam was too!  We will start shooting the pilot episode within the next few weeks. The camera crew will be with us during the 1/2 marathon and will even be traveling with us to Canada! 

Our show will NOT be like this one!

I have always wanted my own reality show, and it’s actually happening! It is going to be SOOO much fun, and the experience of a lifetime!!  Hopefully my little life is interesting enough, and America will actually want to tune in.

Hopefully heartwarming and inspiring like this one.

The pilot episode will be pitched to a few different networks, but the producer seems to think it will most likely be picked up by CMT (the whole Nashville tie), TLC or WE.

It will definitely be more like this one!  Minus the baby, plus a sweet pup named Beauf.

I really can’t believe this is all happening! I'm still on cloud 9.  It's a dream come true, and it's all thanks to this little blog! Get excited, America!!

Click here for more information about the producer of our show and the concept.

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  3. How exciting is that?! Very cool! What a fun adventure to embark on!

  4. Um, Excuse me missy! WHY did you not mention this yesterday when we were talking?!?!

  5. What a cool thing to be picked out for a reality show just like that. I wish you all the best. And maybe I'll see you on TV all the way from Sweden one day. Hehe. :-)

    Take care,

  6. Umm, Seriously!?! This is beyond exciting! I am so excited for you! How cool!?! Sorry, Im in shock and so happy, I can't wait to watch!

  7. ummm i don't even know you and this is the coolest thing i've heard all day haha

    new follower :)

  8. How cool & exciting! Congrats and I can't wait to see you on TV:)

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  10. Visiting from Better After.
    LOL - That for sure is a classic April Fools. Well done. ;0)

  11. LOL! Ya got me! I really thought it was true. Oh well, my bad for not clicking the link. Hehe. :-)

  12. Good one! Lots of good detail!! Hehe. Love it. I tried one on my blog as well. I'm gonna keep yours in mind for next year. ;)

  13. I'm here from "Better After". That was a great April Fools.


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