Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Mr. Beauf slept in our bed all night last night for the first time.  This is the dog that when we first got him, he wasn't even allowed to get on the couch much less the bed. Boy, how things have changed! Adam and I felt guilty, because yesterday was one of the two days a week Beauford has to stay in his crate all day, so we let him sleep with us.  Beauford didn't stir once until my alarm went off.  I tell you what, Beauford has us wrapped right around his little paw!

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  1. It happens so fast. We swore duece would never sleep in the bed...then it was only on weekends, then when Matt went away for a month long excercise, he came home and Duece was a permanent fixture.

  2. What a spoiled little baby! We used to let Beau & Bella up on the bed but they moved a lot and took up wayyyyy toooo much room!

  3. Oh, what a cute guy! We cave all the time when our Stella needs to stay in her crate too long. Aren't we all a bunch of suckers?

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