Saturday, March 5, 2011

St. Patrick's Day 10K

Today, Adam and I ran our very first 10K!  The rain held off, and we headed to Manchester to run 6.2 miles.  Of course I took pictures while I ran, because I didn't want yall to miss a thing!

And we're off!  This was the last time I saw Adam (in the white shirt) before I crossed the finish line.  He's a tad bit faster than me.

The rain held off just long enough for everyone to finish the race before the bottom fell out.  It made for a VERY windy run.

The route was interesting to say the least.  We ran through some random neighborhoods and Manchester's very lively downtown (that's sarcasm....).  The course was pretty hilly just like I suspected.

 Manchester's finest blocked some of the roads for us.  The other roads we had to fin for ourselves....

A fellow lady runner noticed me taking pictures as I ran and caught up with me and asked if I wanted her to take a picture of me running.  YES, please!  This all happened while running.  No stopping - not even for pictures!

Heading towards downtown.  I tried with this picture, but taking pictures while running is a fine art that I have yet to master.

 Manchester, Tenn!

Not only did Adam and I complete our very first 10K today, but we both placed first in our age divisions!
Adam finished in 51 minutes and some change (can't remember the seconds) making him 11th overall and first place in the Men's 20-29 category!

I finished in 57 minutes (and some change) making me 18th overall and  first place in the Women's 20-29 category.

Beauford is so proud!

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  1. Of course Beauford is very proud of her fit and fast parents for placing first in their age division in a 10k! Good job you two! I wish I could get the ambition to run and train for a 10k!

  2. Great job! (And I'm jealous; our first bike ride of the season was canceled due to 20mph cross-winds and 40 degree temps - making the wind chill too tough for us to handle...) Beauford looks most proud! (And most handsome - as always!) Congratulations again!

    -Dr. Liz (the girls went to day care despite us not riding and were thus not at all impacted by winds *grin*)

  3. That's awesome that you guys both finished first! So proud of you!!


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