Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Big Reveal

Welcome to Adam's Big Reveal Party!

After starting this project many moons ago, it is FINALLY complete and ready to make it's Why Not On A Tuesday big debut!  So with no further ado.......(Brace yourself; this is going to be good!)

I give you the "Before"
Adam's nightstand from high school that has moved from place to place with us.  It needed a serious make-over.

and the "After"

Isn't it fabulous!?!  Adam did such a great job!  This was his first piece of furniture to redo, and I love it! I'd say it's pretty awesome for a furniture "redoer" rookie (or vet)!  Here's what Adam did to create this little beaut:

Step 1:
He used varnish remover to remove the (you guessed it) varnish, and then sanded the entire piece.  This took the most amount of time.

Step 2:
Next, Adam waxed everywhere he planned to distress with a candle (sounds weird, but it works).  This consist of simply running the candle back and forth over the areas you want to distress.  Adam decided to distress all the edges. Next was two coats of paint.  We chose a white antiquey color titled Cookie Crumb.

Step 3:
Once the paint was dry, he wiped the paint off  the areas he waxed with steel wool.  Because of the candle wax, the paint comes right off, and because of the steel wool, it leaves a very distressed look.  Next, Adam covered the entire piece in minwax to seal it and to give it a nice finish.

Step 4:
Lastly (this was my contribution to the project), add new hardware.  It looks like a brand new piece of furniture!  Love my{sexy}handy man!!  (Photographer note: the "handy man" REFUSED to be in any of the project pictures - loser!)

Next up -
The Beast!  The matching dresser that goes along with the previously outdated nightstand.  Adam informed me that unlike the night stand, this was a two man (or woman) project.  Oh well, should be interesting.....

Goodbye fugly 1993ish looking furniture; hello fabulous chic 2011 gem!

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  1. Wow! I can't believe that was his first time. I'm super impressed!! Way to go Adam. I have almost the same exact nightstand and long dresser that is waiting its turn in the redo world. I just can't decide what color I want it to be!!!

  2. So pretty! Great job Adam, a high-five to you sir! Thanks so much for sharing Shannon! :)


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