Sunday, March 20, 2011

Petal Indoor Percussion

We headed back to Chattanooga today to see Jessie compete in the finals of the WGI Mid-South Indoor Percussion Championship (I told ya they would make finals!).  Val and I had a blast yesterday, and Adam was my travel buddy today.

 It's such a beautiful drive from Nashville to Chattanooga. 

Just a short two hour drive full of beautiful mountains.

 Yep, that's how Petal rolls - with their own 18 wheeler!

I'm SO glad I got to see my baby sister Jessie this weekend doing what she does best.  When all was said and done, Petal High walked away in third place.  The competition was very stiff with high schools from all across the country (not just the south) competing.  Petal was amazing, and I think they were very pleased with third (even though I thought they deserved first, but I might be just a bit bias).

Here are some pics from both days of Jessie rockin' out.
She's so good it's scary! 

 Jess is also section leader of the pit.

 I was one proud big sister!  Love that girl!

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