Friday, February 25, 2011


Isn’t it refreshing when you meet just a genuinely nice person? These gems are few and far between, and it’s always so lovely when one crosses your path.

Meet Sam (yeah, that’s what we’ll call him).

Sam is an older gentleman that works in my building on a different floor in a completely different department. Our story begins when Val was approached by Sam on day at lunch before I even started working there. He said, “I know this might sound strange, but I was wondering if you would like one of my homemade cookies? I see you here everyday at lunch and just thought I would ask.”

Obviously, Val thought this was strange at first, but it became a regular thing: Sam stopping by Val’s lunch table to give her one of his homemade cookies. Well, when I started working, Sam started being both of us cookies. It wasn’t an everyday thing, but at least one day a week Sam would bring us one of his homemade cookies.

One day, I decided to ask Sam what the deal was with him baking cookies every.single.week. He proceeded to tell Val and me the sweetest story.... He has always enjoyed baking and trying out new cookie recipes. There was a diner (or store, I can’t remember) close to his house that he used to frequent often. There was a young girl who worked there, and the two of them became friends. He would bring some of his cookies for her to try and give him feedback. One day, the girl told Sam that she was leaving soon for college and was really going to miss his cookies. So from then on, Sam bakes a batch of cookies every Sunday night and ships them to the young girl’s dorm room. She told Sam that she loves knowing that every Wednesday after class there will be a package of homemade cookies waiting for her at her dorm.

Sam saves a couple of the cookies to share with me and Val every week. With the onset of winter, Val and I quit going to our usual lunch spot where we would see Sam, because it was just too cold. That didn’t matter. Sam found out what floor we were on and now hand delivers cookies to us all throughout the week. Some weeks, we have gotten as many as five cookies, and it’s not the same five cookies but an assortment. Oh and did I mention, Sam makes JUMBO cookies that are very delicious.  We joke with Sam that he is trying to fatten us up.

This is one of Sam's oatmeal raisin cookies (my personal fav). Of course, half of it's gone (I said they were good).

Notice his gold tinfoil. He told me he bought the gold tinfoil recently online (Too funny! I had no idea colored tinfoil even existed.).

At Christmas, Sam brought both of us our own key lime pie that he made from scratch, of course. I think today topped it all though. I arrived at work to find this:
There was no note, but we knew it was from Sam.

And inside was this:
Three biscuits made from scratch with bacon, jelly and molasses. He said he woke up early and decided to make some biscuits and wanted to share them with us.

You see, genuinely nice people really do exist.

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  1. That's so sweet! What a wonderful friend:)

  2. That's so kind of him! It's sad these days that out-of-the-blue niceness usually puts our guard up, at least at first...but it's probably because it's so rare!

  3. This is just too sweet! I'm sitting at work reading this, and your biscuits are making my mouth water! You should totally find that colored tinfoil and make his day with a new fun color! :)

  4. What a sweet way to start your day!


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