Monday, February 14, 2011

Looking For Love

Beauford's Personal Ad

With today being the national day of love, I'm placing my own personal ad.  I'm looking for a lady who likes to take long naps, sniff a lot and will chase me around.  Prissy pooches should not respond; I'm looking for a lady who doesn't mind getting her paws dirty outside with me.  Being that I'm only one years old, sugar mamas older, more mature ladies are welcome to apply, but you've still got to have some spunk left in you.

Love making and children are out of the question, but I do like to cuddle and give big, wet kisses.    I have no intentions of ever moving out of my parent's house and plan to mooch off them forever, so if you're looking for an independent pup with his own place, you've got the wrong guy.  If this all sounds appealing, we should get together for dinner and a movie sniffing.

Any good looking, four-legged ladies interested??  Sincerely, Ladies Man (aka Beauford)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Beauford, I thinks you are very handsome in that spify red tie. I think I would be a great Valentine for you Beauford. I am a mature lady (5) with lots of spunk left in me. I don't mind a good chase and love to get my paws dirty. Won't you consider me. Sniffs, Cleo

  2. Love how honest Beauford is! He will have no trouble at all finding his soulmate :)

  3. Hi Beauford, my name is Fiona and I'm a 2 1/2 year old Goldendoodle. I like long walks, chasing friends, family and loved ones, a good nap, and serious snuggle time. If you aren't opposed to girls with long leggies, I might just be the girl for you! And don't worry, I sponge of Mom and Dad, so I'm not looking for anyone to support me, either! On top of it all, I think you are quite cute!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona, Your Potential Future Soulmate

  4. That's quite the personal ad, Beauford! You look very handsome in those pictures, too. I'm sure you'll find yourself a lovely gal in no time!

  5. Sorry we missed your add Beauford! Although I'm a leggy girl for you I love to sniff, run and I never met anyone who wasn't my friend.
    See you soon Beauford....I LOVE that name. LOVE IT!

  6. Hi Beauford,

    Do you believe in the phrase "better late than never"? If so, I'm your girl! I'm 3 years older than you though but have a lot of life in me, believe me! I keep in shape with my maniac mom who thinks a walk is a marathon rather than a stroll so you won't see any body fat on me! Also, I have a thing for men who aren't afraid to dress up so you caught my attention in that silk tie of yours!

    Your future girlfriend,



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