Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm FINALLY A Cool Kid!!

I got an iPhone....
...which makes me officially part of the "Cool Kids Club" (CKC).

No, I'm not one of the zillions of Verizon users who got their Verizon iPhones yesterday.  I'm just an AT&T user who was finally eligible for an upgrade and got a good deal on a 3GS.  I lost a few status points in the "CKC" by having a 3GS and not a 4, but I'm still in!!

This was an early Valentine's Day gift from Adam.  He either did really good or just got off easy.....either way, I'm happy!

 I also ordered a very swanky ifrogz gloss case the same day I ordered my iPhone, but it has yet to arrive.

So until my case arrives, it looks like I'll be carrying my iPhone in this:
my trusty ole glove!

Happy "early" Valentine's Day to ME!!

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  1. Yeah! We are in the CKC together! Just got my Verizon iPhone today!

  2. Jon and I are getting our iPhones today!


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