Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change!

What a fun night!  Adam and I double dated with one of our favorite couples: Bob and Val.  The night start with dinner at Casa Fiesta, and then it was off to see the Street Theatre Company's performance of "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change!"

None of us had heard of the Street Theatre much less been to a performance.  I happened to stumble across information and thought it would be something different and fun. Well let's just say, everyone was a little hesitant when we arrived to the venue and saw that it was located inside a strip mall.  I was receiving death glares from everyone that said, "Shannon, what in the hell have you brought us too?"

As you can see, it was a very small, intimate venue.  We were actually seated on the front row at a table reserved for us, so that was really nice.

 Photography during the show was not allowed, but I did snap a shot of the stage before it started.

Bob and Val nervously awaiting the start of the show.  We all agreed it was either going to be one of two things: the best show any of us had ever seen or the worse.

It was HILARIOUS!!  I don't think I have ever laugh so hard during a play; I has dying out laughing.  We were all very impressed by the performance.  It was a four person cast performing small skits about all the silliness that is dating, marriage and kids.  I highly recommend it! 

There was a raffle during intermission for tickets to the Street Theatre's next performance, and guess who won??
ME!!  Of course the first thing that pops in my head is the very cliche saying, "I never win anything!"  (Seems like everyone says that when they win something.)

Last night was literally a barrel of laughs!  Don't you just love when you are pleasantly surprised?!?

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  1. Sounds like fun! Glad it turned out well:)

  2. Funny you mentioned that play because I was just looking at an advertisement for it in today's paper! I think the title of the play is hilarious because it is so true that couples want their partners to change and it hardly ever works! Now that I've read this review I think I will ask my fiance to take me out on the town!
    By the way, I am hosting a Silly Saturday Photo Caption Contest until midnight so please join in if you can!


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