Sunday, February 20, 2011

Family Walk

Oh My Goodness!  I am LOVIN' this weather!  It is just so refreshing (and unexpected) for February.  My sister told me yesterday that she got sunburned in the 80 degree weather back in Mississippi.  Crazy!  We have been trying to enjoy this weather as much as possible, so today we headed over to the Tennessee Agricultural Center for a walk.  It just happens to be right across the street from where we live.

The Ag center is pretty large with lots of nature trails all throughout.  They also have a little colonial area.

 Sniffing things out as usual.

 I just love this tree!

 There are little streams all over the property as well.

 On our walk, we stumbled across one of Beauford's cousins (that's what we say everytime we see another basset).

 This is Cooper, and Beauford was VERY excited to see him (maybe too excited for Cooper...).

 The Nashville Mounted Horse Patrol horses are kept at the Ag Center.

 There are at least 12 or so.

 This was Beauford's first time to see a horse (with us at least).

He was very cautious and curious at the same time.  Beauford kept one eye on the horses at all times and never wanted to get too close.

Beauford: That's the biggest dog I've ever seen!

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  1. Sounds like Beauford had the same reaction to the horses that duece did! We can't calling them "big dogs" all day.

  2. Glad you guys enjoyed the nice weather! We were going to go to the park to but decided to nap instead:)


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