Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cupid's Chase

This morning, Adam and I participated in
It's a national 5K Run that takes place in 24 cities, throughout 10 states, on the same day and at the same time to support Community Options, a nonprofit that helps develop community-based homes and employment support for people with disabilities.

The race was held at a park in East Nashville.  There was still patches of snow from Wednesday's blizzard.

 It's always important to stretch.

Even your arms.


 Cupid was even there complete with heart arrows.  Don't be fooled, he was FAST!

 I plan on taking pictures while I run the half marathon, so I'm practicing my "running and taking pictures" skills on the races leading up to the big day.

This was my first time to try it, and it was actually really fun.  It occupied me for a while, and I forgot about running (always a plus!).  Some people were giving me funny looks while I was taking pictures, but whatev....

With yesterday morning's temp being 11 degrees, I was worried we were going to freeze our booties off.  Fortunately, the weather was amazing!  There was a slight nip in the air, and the sun was shining bright.  Perfect running weather!  The course took us around this beautiful lake in the park.

We both did really good even with a few major hills on the course (never fun!).  Of course, Adam smoked me, but that's usual.  People are always surprised that we don't run together (i.e. side-by-side).  Adam's 6'6" (yeah, he's really tall), so his legs are just a tad bit longer than mine.  I want him to do the best he can, so there is no reason we have to run side-by-side.

Can we say "a little dramatic"? Ha!

Up next: a 10K in 3 weeks and the half marathon in 11 weeks!  Game on!

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  1. That is so awesome you guys! I signed for a few races in preparation for this summer. I am doing a Danskin Triathlon in Sep and then the NYC Marathon in Nov. Hope I survive it all :D

    Angie @ Fetch


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