Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You Know What's Not Fun...

Walking little man in the rain.  He doesn't mind, but I do!

Look what Adam and I got today in the mail from his mom:
It's a baby book for dogs along with some dog and cat stamps to support pet adoption.  It's really cute.  I have a great mother-in-law!


  1. Oh man, I love that book. I wish I had thought to do something like that for Duece. P.S. I hate the rain/walk too.

  2. Your little man looks adorable but a bit pitiful (in a good way) after his walk in the rain! I'd love to trade our NH snow for your rain any day so just let me know when to start trading...heehee!
    I would also love it if you would please tell me the exact title of the book so that I can get Daisy's scrapbook started. Even though she's 2 I can update as fast as I can as soon I buy the book! Thanks!

  3. oh my goodness, that is so sweet. What a good mommy-in-law.

  4. The book is called All About Your Best Friend Book-Dog Edition and is being sold by the post office. Here is a link: https://shop.usps.com/wcsstore/PostalStore/upload/htm/animalrescue/?langId=-1&storeId=10052&storeId=10052&catalogId=10001&krypto=1sl2igLXZGXgkmSxfyF5jaSci8zZMgnnrFDpXimBtbNLjywgWcFIvPhR7jAzAEy4TAUYU2SCmLU%3D&ddkey=https:CategoryDisplay


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