Friday, January 7, 2011

Thank You E!

for bringing my girls back!!
I was totally bummed when TBS stopped airing Sex and the City every night.  I didn't jump on the Sex and the City bandwagon until it started airing on TBS, because well, I didn't have HBO.  I fell in love instantly, loved both movies and have been missing my girls on cable.

Well E! came to the rescue!  Every night at 7 p.m. (central), two episodes of Sex and the City are on back to back - LOVE it!  Who doesn't love a show centered around the friendship/bond between girlfriends and sex!?!

Beauf loves Sex and the City too.  He's enjoying the show from behind his eyelids.

Two of my fabulous friends just started blogs (no pressure from me, of course....ha!).  Go check them out, say hello and tell them I sent ya!
Val @ It's Always Sunny in Somerville
Nicole @ Seeing the World through Heart Shaped Glasses


  1. I used to love watching Sex and the City, but have since stopped watching TV so much. I hardly watch it at all really.

  2. I watched Sex and the City when it first debuted and I feel as I "grew up" with them on Sunday nights! I was especially fond of Carrie because she was going through much of the same relationship issues as I was and the fact that she let her feelings out on her laptop made me love her character even more!
    Love that adorable Beauregard shares your love of the show as well!
    Thanks for commenting regarding the neglected basset hound, Ed, and in case you'd like a further update...he was featured in our local newspaper! He has gained 5 pounds and is enjoying his recuperation time at the vet's office!


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