Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our Sunday Ritual

Every Sunday, we load up and head over to the dog park.  Sunday is also bath day, so it works out perfectly, because trust me - after the dog park with Beauford, a bath is a MUST.  Beauford LOVES it there.  He just has the best time visiting with all the other dogs.

 Sniffing everything out - that's what ole hounds do.

Beauford not only has to visit with every dog at the park but every human too.

His over the top friendliness always turns into instant popularity.  In no time, he has a pack following him around.

Little man has the best time every time we go, which makes it that much more fun for Adam and I.  (This picture really makes my heart smile.)

It never fails that someone always comments on how much energy Beauford has and how fast he is for a basset hound.  He runs his little heart out until there is not an ounce of energy left.

This is Beauford at the moment:
Snuggled up with his toys.  He will stay this way for the rest of the day except to use the restroom and eat (that boy doesn't miss a meal).


  1. I love his ears in the pictures as they flop while he runs. So cute! Our puppy also likes the dog park when we take her...though I think she prefers the beach as she LOVES to go swimming. She's snoring on the sofa at the moment and I think she's dreaming of warm weather:)

  2. It amazes me that people are surprised by the amount of energy that basset hounds have! Even though bassets have short legs and a little bit of "baby fat" they can out run dogs anytime, anywhere, unless they sniff something yummy and then the running stops for awhile! I loved the 2nd to last photo of Beauford because he really is smiling!

  3. I love when my hounds run too! Yours is such a cutie. Found you on the blog hop.

  4. That looks like a really fun dog park! Beauford is having so much fun--I too love the smile on his face!!


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