Sunday, January 16, 2011

The More The Merrier

Sundays mean one thing: Dog Park!  Today was extra special, because some of our sweet friends came with their pups.

Bob, Val, Grace and Tanner were there,

and Etta and Nicole came too.

Beauford and Grace headed right over to greet them.

Tanner made his first ever dog park appearance today.  Every person there wanted to take him home.  He was a huge hit!  He had so much fun and wasn't scared a bit.  Tanner even figured out a way to squeeze through the fence and give his mama a heart attack! ha!

Of course, Beauford wanted to say hello to tanner.

And then began the "mama/daddy hold me"-athon.
Well, Etta wanted to be held by whoever would hold her....

Exhibit A.  Ha!

Etta and Tanner getting some love.

Even Grace wanted in on the action!

Everyone except this little guy.

Beauford was way too busy socializing.  He is the "official" dog park greeter, you know.

This was Grace's second trip to the dog park, and she made a few friends this time.  I think she had a good ole time as well.

All that socializing can wear a little guy out.

Melted snow (now mud) + one excited little cream colored pup = a not so creamed color pup anymore.

He had a good time though, so that's all that matters.

Somebody was dog tired on the way home.  (And no, that towel did not prevent dirt mud from getting EVERYWHERE in the car.)


  1. SHANNON! That picture of me is HORRIBLE! What is that face I'm making? And I'm being swallowed by Bob's jacket...

  2. What a fun day!
    What dog park do you go to? I've been looking for one to take our dogs to. These brats need some socialization badly!

  3. Love the dog park! Glad the pups had a good time.

  4. We go to the dog park at Percy Warner Park right off Old Hickory Blvd. It's a really nice park, and there's always a lot of dogs there.

  5. I love all the pics! And Beauford is the little greeter, as soon as we walked in the door he was meeting Etta! Such a sweet boy. I wish that she would have had as much fun as I did seeing all the other dogs! ha.

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  7. what cute pups!
    Thanks for linking up at Tuesdays gone.


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