Friday, January 21, 2011

Beauford's Blue Steel

The other night, Val hosted a girl's night over at her house.  Even though it was just girls, little man got an invite (he's slick like that).  Nicole (my fabulous photographer friend) brought her camera and before we knew it, the party had turned into a full on dog photo shoot and guess who was the camera hog?!?

Val's dogs, Grace and Tanner, acted like normal dogs.  They were just doing their own thing, and if Nicole was fast enough, she got a good picture.

Not Beauford.

When that camera came out, he went into full on model mode.  Beauford would just lay there posing and let Nicole take picture after picture of him.

You know what they say about having so much fame at such a young age....hopefully it hasn't gone to his head.  We are trying to keep him grounded, but hey, when you got it - you got it!

Beauford has perfected his own version of the "blue steel" (come on, Zoolander fans).

He's going for a more "pouty" look.

Beauford is such a character!  I love him!


  1. He's either a ham or just reeeeally lazy ;)

  2. Too cute! I am visiting your blog for the first time and really enjoyed reading the older posts. Have a great Saturday!



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