Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Ramblings

  1. Nashville weather - What in the world!?! We had snow Wednesday morning (for like the fifth or sixth time this season- blah!), and then today, I went for a nice run outside after work in the 55 degree weather. Crazy to say the least!  Weather in the 50's or above - please stick around!  I know we would be just the best of friends!
  2. I was SO excited to get the first disc of Mad Men Season One in the mail yesterday only to find out it was cracked. Thank you Mr. Mailman who shoved it in our box -preciate that! And yes, Mr. Mailman, I know it was you, because every Netflix we get is shoved in our box.  I'm actually surprised we haven't had more damaged discs.
  3. I finally watched The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 1 tonight! A-maz-ing! They are, by far, my favorite Real Housewives (and you know, I watch and love them all). I just think they are so fabulous!  Can't wait to watch Part 2 next week.
  5. I had a little scare with Beauford last night that ended in a fast trip to the vet. One pricey little bill and lots of meds later, Beauford's going to live! (No, it wasn't anything that serious, but it did scare me.  Without being TOO graphic - it had to do with a bodily fluid that is red and a bodily fluid that is brown mixed together and super soft.  Ha!  Graphic enough!  I did take a picture for the vet, but it will NOT be making an appearance here.  And yes, the vet really appreciated a picture - no joke!)
  6. Looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend with the hubby! Hope yall have a great weekend too!  Woohoo!!

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