Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beauford, The Bull

As you might have noticed, I'm in the process of spicing up my blog with a little makeover.  Part of that was adding a new tab at the top - Beauford's Adoption Story.  At the very end, I list some fun facts about little man - one being his "Pet-Peeves".  You will have to read about his pet peeve to understand the video, but I was able to capture it on camera tonight.  He's a little riot.

This was shot in our guest bedroom where the computer is set up, which is why there are some random bikes and a toolbox in the background - please excuse.

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  1. That is hilarious! Tanner is sitting on my lap and we watched it four times b/c he loved it. He kept cocking his head at the sounds Beauford was making and then he lept at the laptop!

  2. Stopped by from the Wednesday Blog Hop for Wordless Wednesday. Just always a little late sometimes. We have 3 basset hounds and they are our life. Two of them are from the rescue and one is a breeder dog(Winston) from Missouri. We do a lot with basset rescue and transport for them. We look forward to following Beauford. Stop by ours site sometime and check us out. As for the video I have a little Bull Basset myself (Cleo). The HoundDogs

  3. Little Man is a cutie. Would he like to participate in a Super Dog Sunday Blog Hop on 2/6? Read more here:

  4. Oh Shannon! I just love the tab at the top. I had to take a peak :) So happy I was able to share your sweet story!! xoxo

  5. That blue thing looked like a bra when he first picked it up! I was thinking, "Why is she posting this?!?!" Hahahaha! I love how his little cheeks blow up when he growls, so cute!

  6. Haha! That would be one mighty blue bra! But unfortunately its just a lobster!


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