Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We left bright and early for Tennessee this morning at 5.  I was SO nervous about traveling with Beauford before this trip, but he did SO good.  He wasn't a problem at all.

He loved resting his head on Adam's arm while he was driving. Beauford just loves Adam so much; it's adorable.

 Peaking up front from the back seat.

This was his favorite spot; perched up on the console checking everything out.  We made it back to Nashville around 11:30 a.m.; easy and uneventful ride - thank goodness!

Why did we leave so early and rush back you ask?  Well, I had a root canal today at 2 p.m.  What a fun way to end my vacation!  I'm typing this while sipping on a smoothie due to all the numbness.  Oh, and for the record, root canals are just as bad as everyone says they are!

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  1. Hey Pretty girl! Im your newest follower...but im following Beauford too, just so you know! 2 words to describe him... Dar Ling!!
    Im a dog LOVA! I found you at a linky and you MUST link up to my Whassup Linky! Beauford can link up too :) If you get to my blog and like, i would LOOOOVE it if you follow back...along with Beauford, of course! Hope to see yall!




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