Monday, December 20, 2010

The Makings of a Star

Tonight was Beauford's photo shoot for his Pedigree/Predator's banner:

There he is - January's Dog of the Month!

He did SO good!  The photographer said it has taken as long as an hour for some dogs, and he might get one usable shot.  Not Beauford - it took only 20 minutes, and the photographer said he had a lot of great shots to choose from.  They are supposed to be emailing me some of his pictures, so I will definitely post them once I get them.

Since Beauford did so well, I happened to mention to the Pedigree lady that Beauford might consider posing for the cover of a Pedigree dog food bag if they were interested - Ha!  Unfortunately, she thought that was funny too.  Hey, it can't hurt throwing it out there.....


  1. I'd have done the same never know it's always worth a try. I think he's gorgeous and photogenic too :)

  2. Never hurts to try right?
    He's a cutie though!!


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