Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Music City Bowl

Tonight was the 2010 Music City Bowl.  North Carolina took on hometown favorites Tennessee here in Nashville.  This game is simply indescribable. 

 It was a game for the books, and the Tar Heels came out with a 30-27 win in double overtime.

 The Nashville skyline from the pedestrian bridge.  Yeah, I live there.

 Trace Adkins sang the National Anthem.

 For the record - I've seen him perform twice in the last two months!

 It was a sea of orange with little patches of blue.

Carolina may have been the smaller crowd, but the crowd was pumped up.

Ole Kevin was working hard for the money!

A-MAZ-ING game!  By far, the most exciting, intense college football game I've ever been to.  As UNC head football coach Butch Davis said, " ESPN Classic will be showing this game 100 years from now."

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