Friday, November 12, 2010

War Wounds

Not a good night at the Sumrall estate to say the least.....

Let me start by saying that today was one of the two days a week that Beauford has to stay in his crate for the whole work day.  The other three days, Adam is home in the mornings, so Beauford doesn't go into his crate until after lunch.

On long days like today, I feel guilty when I get home that he hasn't had any exercise for the day so I try to take an extra long walk and incorporate a little bit of running.  You might be thinking, "But I thought basset hounds were lazy?"  Well, that will come with age, but being so young, he loves to jump and run and play.  He's a really fast runner actually.  So this is where things took a turn for the worse.

As we were running sprinting (yes, I mean full on sprinting) in the parking lot (i.e. asfalt), Beauford decided to cut right in front of me sending me in a downward spiral face first!  My elbow and hip luckily (I say "luckily" lightly) broke my fall.  This was no light fall, because as you remember, I was in the middle of a SPRINT.  I, of course, lost the leash in the middle of the fall, and Beauford took off!

There was no time to lick my wounds much less look at them, because I had to jump up as fast as I could to chase Beauford.  Beauford, of course, thought we were playing a fun little game and was running as fast as he could even though I was sternly yelling his name (did I mention he doesn't respond to stern talking....).  FINALLY, I cornered him and got the leash back.

I'm dripping blood down my arm by this time and, of course, the one night I truly need my athletic trainer husband, he is away at a football playoff game.  I called him immediately only to find out that we have no type of first aid supplies besides some band-aids.  I cleaned my wounds as best as I could with anti-bacterial soap before slapping some baid-aids on them.  My elbow and hip definitely caught the worst of it.

This is my elbow in case you were wondering, and that's little Beauford in the background checking on me (or wondering when I'm going to feed him - one or the other).

Needless to say, my weekend is off to a rocky start.....

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  1. ~Beauford in the background checking on me (or wondering when I'm going to feed him - one or the other~

    Such a funny line!

    I always want to chase but Gingerbean thinks that it is a game. One of my friends will drop to the ground and her dog always comes back. You might try it in a safe place!

    Your elbow must have hurt so much11


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