Friday, November 26, 2010

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

It's the day after Thanksgiving which means it is officially acceptable to put up my Christmas tree.  Since I was off work today, I dedicated the whole morning to putting up my tree.

Here it is!

Ok, so maybe I dedicated more like five minutes to putting up my tree instead of the whole morning - ha!  This is our ole faithful fiber-optic Christmas tree that has been with us for five years now.  I so badly want a big Christmas tree, but 
  1. I am allergic to real trees, so that option is out.
  2. If we got a large artificial tree, we would have nowhere to store it after Christmas.  Remember, we live in an apartment, so space if very limited.  
So for right now, our sweet little fiber-optic tree will have to do.  I have a small collection of ornaments that I have picked up along the way or received as gifts, but they look so silly on this tree.  With it being so tiny and fiber-optic, I decided to store away our ornaments until we have a large tree.

Beauford was SO excited to have the Christmas tree up - can't you tell? Ha!  He could have cared less.

Let the Christmas festivities begin!


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