Monday, November 1, 2010


Wow!  Is it really November already?!?  I can't help but think about six months ago when I was literally wishing for November to get here.  At that time, Adam was approaching graduation which meant job hunting was in super overdrive.  There were many nights that I had meltdowns so stressed and scared about what the next few months would hold for us.  I am a planner by nature, and not having a plan completely turns my world upside down.  I knew Adam was stressed as well, but he was always there to talk me off the ledge. 

I would always say, "I can't wait for November, because this will all be over."  I knew it would all work itself out, but it was a scary place to be.  I am so thankful for where we are now.  I really could not be more happy here in Nashville.  Sometimes, all you have to stand on is faith that everything will be ok, but that is a hard pill to swallow sometimes.  Many doors were slammed shut in our faces before the right one finally opened.  I also know there are many more doors waiting for us, and I am looking forward to each one.

With November being a month of Thanksgiving, I thought it was only appropriate to express my thankfulness for new jobs, a new home and a new life here in Nashville.

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