Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Little Man

We are still getting to know Beauford and the full scope of his personality, which by the way, we are convinced is just now surfacing.  I think he was nervous and scared to be in a new environment at first, but don't worry, he is completely comfortable now.  Adam and I were discussing the other night our goals for him which included:
  1. Completely house train him - He did so good at first, but now he is having at least one accident a day, if not more.  But let me give Beauford his props, he always has his accidents on the hardwood floor instead of the carpet.
  2. Get him on a schedule - This was really rocky at first, but we are working hard at it, and it's getting better.
  3. Establish who is boss - Right now, he just does what he wants even with us talking sternly.
  4. Get him to not jump up when people are eating - He loves "people" food.  He must have been given it at his previous home, because he will do just about anything to get to where someone is eating.
  5. We need to work on his leash skills.  He is a hound, so once he catches a scent, it is hard to get him off the trail.
Just because we have goals for him doesn't mean I don't think he is the perfect dog for us.  Don't get me wrong, this really was a match made in heaven.  I know Beauford is just trying to test the waters with us and see what will fly and what won't.   His best qualities include:
  • He NEVER barks. (Thank goodness!)
  • He loves other people and animals.
  • He loves baths and being vacuumed.
  • He likes to play but is not to wild and rambunctious.
  • He makes us laugh.
  • He LOVES playing fetch.
  • He is a genuinely sweet-natured dog and so lovable.
  • Oh and did I mention, he is so stinkin' cute!
 Beauford with his favorite toy - the hedgehog

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