Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Little House Cleaning

I told you he doesn't mind!  As much as Beauford sheds (a lot!), this is MUCH easier than brushing him, and then trying to clean out the brush.  He likes it!


  1. I love this Shannon - he is too cute!

  2. HAHA, we have totally done this to our dog Rocco too!! He didn't do as well as Beauford though.. we got a Furminator which helps cut down on a lot of the shedding. With a cat AND a dog, the fur drives me crazy and we found using the Furminator before a bath helps. Congrats on your new addition; they really do change your lives!!

  3. Thanks for the advise Mindi. I've never even heard of a Furminator. I will definitely have to check that out; anything to help with all the shedding!

  4. The furminator is AWESOME! It is cheaper to buy through amazon than it is at a pet store.

    I have 2 corgis. They shed so much you would think that I have 49 corgis! I wish that they liked the vacuum cleaner.

    Such a cute video!

  5. Oh that's good to know about Amazon! Thanks for the tip!


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