Sunday, November 28, 2010

Highs and Lows

When I was a kid, sometimes we would go around the kitchen table during our family dinner and tell one high and one low from our day.  So I decided I would do that tonight myself:

Today's Low:
Beauford had so much fun at the dog park last Sunday that we decided to go again today.  Things were going good until Beauford decided to pal up with a great dane.  Not so much pal up with it as it was Beauford falling him around.  It was as if Beauford decided the great dane was the cool kid (or dog), and Beauford wanted to be one of the cool kids too.  I totally understand Beauford's fascination with the great dane; I mean it was as big as a horse!  Who's going to mess with a horse?!?

Everything was going fine, and the great dane didn't even mind Beauford tagging along until....we noticed the great dane rolling around on the grass.  Seemed kind of odd, but the two of them were far away, so we didn't do anything.  Then Beauford rolled around on the grass right were the great dane had been (peer pressure, I'm sure).  Right after this rolling expedition, Beauford ran over to say hey to us.  It was at this moment that we discovered what exactly he was rolling in with the "o so friendly/cool" great dane - poop!!  It was all over both of them!  It was SO nasty.

We left immediately and got the pleasure of riding home with a dog covered in poop for a good 10 minute drive (seemed like an hour!).  Needless to say, we had a long discussion on the way home about "Just because the cool kids (dogs) are doing it, doesn't mean it's right."  Hopefully this will not be an issue next time.....

Today's High(s):
Sleeping late with my husband and hanging out with the boys all day (Adam and Beauford).  Simple and sweet - just the way I like it.

The mini-vacay is over; back to work tomorrow!

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