Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Girls Night!

I've been dying to go to one of those painting classes where you bring your favorite beverage and paint a picture along with the instructor as he or she shows you step-by-step how to paint a particular canvas.  So tonight was Girls Night starting with dinner at Pie in the Sky, and then painting at Paint + Canvas.

 How cute are they in their little aprons!

 What's the fun of painting if wine is not involved?!?

 Nicole was really good.

 Stage one of my painting.

 Katie and Val working hard.

It was my first time, give me a break....

 Making progress....

It's getting there....

 The finished project!

The group: Me, Nicole (see how excited she was, ha!), Katie and Val.  Oh, did I mention we had a private class.....yeah, we're cool like that.  (Ok, so we were the only people that signed up for tonight, but whatever.)  I love how we were all in the same class, but yet, everyone's painting is so different and unique.  What a fun night!

Adam and I are signed up for a couples class next weekend; I can't wait!


  1. Well between Shannon and Katie's jumbo birds, it does! :P

  2. Adam said mine looked like a buzzard next to everyone elses.....hater!


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