Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Day of Thanks

What a wonderful Thanksgiving!  The day started bright and early at 5:30 a.m.  Adam and I volunteered at the Nashville Rescue Mission serving breakfast.  When we got there, we were given name badges that also had our assigned duty for the morning on it.  It was so funny because mine was "Dining Room Captain," and Adam was "Ice Runner."  Ha!  I don't know how I got to be captain, but I loved rubbing that in ole "ice runner's" face.  The titles really didn't mean anything though.  We just helped out wherever was needed, which for me, ended up being walking around refilling drinks.  It was really a blessing serving those in need, and something we want to make a Thanksgiving tradition.

After a long nap, we got to work on our Thanksgiving dinner.  I say "we" because it most definitely was a team effort.  It was just the two of us (three including Beauford), but it was wonderful.  This is our third year in a row to have Thanksgiving with just the two of us, and this year's dinner was by far the best.  This year's menu included:

A very delicious and super juicy turkey breast.  This was my first year/attempt to make a turkey breast.  We usually do chicken since it's just us two, but this year, I really wanted turkey.  This picture makes the turkey look moldy (Adam said I shouldn't even put this picture up), but that is actually pockets of fresh herbs, bacon and butter under the skin.  Thank you Emeril Lagasse for the awesome recipe!

Next up, sweet potato casserole.  This is a Thanksgiving must!  I love this stuff and used to always make it for our family Thanksgiving get-togethers back home.

Dressing (not stuffing - dressing, for all you Northerners).  Adam loves dressing, but I am not the biggest fan.  I have never made it for this reason, but decided I would give it a try this year since Adam loves it so much.  We used Adam's mom's recipe, and it turned out great.  Not dry at all (you know it's a complete failure if it's dry).  I actually tried some (shocker, I know - I'm really picky), and it was good.  Adam said it tasted just like his mom's - success!

And of course, some rolls.  They were frozen rolls, but they were still tasty.  We also had (not pictured) cranberry sauce and gravy.

For dessert, we had cranberry cobbler with ice cream.  I have never had cranberry cobbler, but I have an amazing cobbler recipe, so I thought a cranberry one would be very festive for Thanksgiving.  Well, let's just say there is a reason I have never had it.  Though it tasted good, it was super, SUPER tart.  Thank goodness we had ice cream to go with it, or I'm not sure we could have eaten it.  That will be our last cranberry cobbler....

But let's not forget the reason for Thanksgiving - to give thanks for all our many blessings.
I'm thankful for:
  • My amazing husband who loves me no matter how I look or act - which isn't always pretty
  • Wonderful job and financial security
  • Our life here in Nashville
  • A supportive family
  • Wonderful in-laws
  • Our little man, Beauford
  • Sweet friends
  • Our health - sometimes I forget how precious that really is and how fast it can change
On a more silly note:
I'm thankful for:
  • Diet coke
  • Flavored coffee creamer
  • The perfect spring and fall weather
  • Dates with my husband
  • Movies that make me cry
  • Delicious food
  • Trashy reality tv
  • The internet
  • Naps
and I leave you with:
"May your stuffing be tasty; May your turkey plump; May your potatoes and gravy have nary a lump.  May your yams be delicious and your pies take the prize, and may your Thanksgiving dinner stay off your thighs!"
-Author unknown

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