Wednesday, October 13, 2010

They're Just So Darn Cute!

When I ran across these adorable Halloween costumes in Target, it made me wish I had a kid (just for a day) to dress up.

Tell me these aren't the cutest costumes ever!?!  How sweet are these two little garden gnomes!  I was SO tempted to buy these costumes and save them for our future children.  They were only $20, but Adam talked me out of it.  He claimed it was a little crazy to be buying Halloween costumes for children who haven't even been conceived yet.  (Debbie Downer).

Speaking of children:
I learned about the neatest program today that is offered to the children of Tennessee.  Dolly Parton's Imagination Library is Dolly's non-profit organization that mails a new book every month to children from birth to the age of five for FREE!  The age appropriate books come once a month in the mail addressed to the child.  This is available to ALL children in Tennessee.  It doesn't even matter your income level, and if you have multiple children under five, you can register them all and each one will receive their own book each month.  Imagination Library pays half the cost and the State of Tennessee pays the other.  Isn't that just the coolest program ever!

That probably sounded like a sales pitch, but it really wasn't.  I'm still learning about everything Tennessee has to offer, and when I found out about Imagination Library today, I was just so impressed with the program that I wanted to share.

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