Thursday, October 7, 2010


 Oh, Target - how I love thee!

I don't know what it is about that place, but there is simply no running in and running out for me when it comes to Target.  It is truly impossible.  I stopped by after work today to pick up some make-up, because I'm almost out.  Next thing I know, it's an hour and half later, and I'm walking out with an arm load.

I just can't help myself in there; it's my weakness.  I don't go very often, because I know it's always trouble when I do.  So on the times that I do allow myself to go in, I feel like I have to look at EVERYTHING!  And gosh darn it, if everything isn't so cute and exactly what I need (Adam's definition of "need" is slightly different than mine, ha!).

One of the many items in my arm load tonight were these little beauties:

I love them!  All jokes aside, I needed brown flats some kind of bad!  My previous brown flats were sadder than sad, so these shoes were very much needed!  

After an hour and half in Target and an arm load later, I got home to only realize that I forgot the one item I went in there in the first place for - make up!  Good grief!  I guess that means another trip to Target ;)

Have you seen this?  It's pretty funny:

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