Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pure Country 2: The Gift

Did yall know about this!?!  I don't think it is showing nationwide yet, just here in Nashville (go figure!).  I heard about it the other morning on the radio.  King George (George Strait) is in the movie, but it is not a continuation of the Dusty character story.  Here is the trailer if you're interested:

It looks......ok.  Definitely not the original Pure Country.  Hearing about Pure Country 2 made me remember how much I love the original.  It still comes on CMT all the time, but I haven't watch it in a long time.  I used to love that movie SO much growing up.  I've seen it a million times!

Even with his scruffy facial hair and ponytail, Dusty was a hottie!  George Strait was so young in this movie.  The clip below was my favorite part in the movie - every girl's favorite part to be exact.  It was like he was singing to me.  Let's be honest, it still makes me melt (ha!).

It's just one of those movies I think I'll always love.

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