Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Happy!

For the record, I read A LOT of blogs.  All of my favorite blogs have, of course, been posting a lot of post centered around pumpkins.  Seeing all the neat projects and yummy recipes made me want to go buy a pumpkin and get to work.  So that's what I did!  I really had one thing on my mind to make: roasted pumpkin seeds! I have never had them and so many blogs have made them look so yummy. 

To be honest, I had all intentions to throw away the rest of the pumpkin, but Adam insisted that I not waste it and make a pumpkin pie.  Well.....I have never even had pumpkin pie, much less made one.  We always had pumpkin pie at all of my family functions growing up, but I always skipped over it for something I assumed would be yummier. 

Eventhough I had never made a pumpkin pie, I was not worried, because I knew exactly where to look: Paula Deen!  And if Paula wasn't helpful, I knew the Pioneer Woman would step in and help.  I found a Pioneer Woman's blog post on how to puree pumpkin, and Paula had an excellent pumpkin pie recipe.

I got Adam to help me peel the pumpkins.  Little did we know, we were doing it the hard way.  We had already peeled all the pumpkin pieces before I found the instructions on how to puree pumpkin.  You are supposed to bake the pumpkin with the rind on, and it easily peels off once it's nice and tender.  Oh well!

I baked the pumpkin with a little oil on it for 30 minutes at 350 degrees (or until fork tender).

Food processing the heck out of some pumpkin!  I don't think my neighbors were too happy with me this morning at 9.  Oops!

 Pumpkin puree!

Just as the Pioneer Woman suggested, I froze the rest of the puree that I didn't need for the pie.  I have never pureed any fresh fruits or vegetables, and this process showed me how easy it really is.  I told Adam that I would like to make our own baby food.  I bought this pumpkin for $3, and it took me maybe 1.5 hours to make the puree from start to finish.  If I was filling baby jars, this would have easily made 25 baby jars.  If I took one day and pureed a bunch of stuff, I would be set for a long time and would save a bundle! (Sorry for the side note....)

The pie, didn't turn out too pretty :(  Not too sure what happened; the mixture was smooth, but then the cream cheese lumped up for some reason.  But don't judge a book by it's cover!  It taste delish!

 I like mine with a (large) dollop of whip cream!

The main reason I bought the pumpkin was for these little guys.  I let them air dry over night before I roasted them.

Roasted pumpkin seeds with salt, butter, cayenne pepper and garlic powder. I roasted them for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.  They are pretty tasty, but Adam was not too fond of the spiciness.  He would have just preferred butter and salt. More for me!

Hope you're enjoying your Saturday!  Let's Go Heels! 

(Adam is currently glued to the tv)

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