Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hoover Band Competition

Adam and I had such a great time yesterday at Jessie's band competition.  It was such a beautiful day, and it was SO wonderful catching up with my dad and Jessie.

Two of my three favorite guys (just missing little Bren)

 Me and Pops

 Petal High Marching Band!

 There's Jessa!  She was awesome!  That girl's got some skills!

How cute are we!?! We're often mistaken for twins. Ha!

In the end, Petal walked away as grand champions!  They were amazing and definitely deserved to win. It was probably because of the awesome marimba player ;)

I videoed the whole performance, but I am under strict orders not to post the video until after next Saturday (State Competition).  Apparently, other bands might find my blog with Petal's performance, analyze it, learn it and perform it in a matter of one week.....I would hate for Petal not to be State Champions because of Why Not On A Tuesday!  So I'll post the performance next Sunday.  Trust me, it was awesome!

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