Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Year Is It? 1950??

As I was leaving work with Val and Nicole today, we found ourselves in the normal 4:30 p.m. crowd of people all trying to leave the building at the same time.  For some odd reason, the crowd we were in was coincidentally all women.  A older gentleman (I would say around 55 years old), who appeared to work for maintenance by the way he was dressed, joined the crowd of women but not without saying:

"Must be quiting time." We politely laughed.  Then he said, "I'm just going to jump in here with the secretarial pool and slide out with yall."

Secretarial Pool!  I held my tongue, but I was furious inside.  As soon as we got away from him, we all voiced our strong opinions against his ridiculous remark.  How much more degrading can you be!  A bunch of women getting off work at the same time must, of course, all be secretaries.

Wake up; it's 2010!  Not every woman is a secretary!  He deserved a quick kick to the (you know where!).

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