Thursday, September 2, 2010


Southern Miss has its season opener tonight at 6:30 p.m. at South Carolina. The game is actually on tv here, so I will definitely have to flip over there ever now and then to check the score. Adam has a freshman football game tonight, or we would definitely be watching the whole thing. I don't really care to watch ANY sports on tv, but I love going to games. But if a team I'm interested in (i.e. Southern Miss, North Carolina and now the Titans) is playing and Adam's not at home watching it, I always flip over to check the score.

Oh and for those of you who were confused by SMTTT: Southern Miss To The Top!

On another note:
Tonight is Brooks & Dunn's last concert ever, and it's here in Nashville. Man, I wish I could have gone. I know it's definitely going to be a concert for the books!

Adam made it home by halftime to see Southern Miss literally being slaughtered. It was really sad and hard to watch. The end result: 41 to 13.

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