Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sister Wives

Have you heard about this show or seen it yet?  Just in case you haven't (Are you under a rock?!?), here is the season promo to fill you in:

This family is all over the news for their controversy.  The season premiered on Sunday, and I finally watched it this evening.  It's so intriguing!  Understanding how their household runs and how they make it work with three wives and one husband while appearing very happy and content is really interesting.

The show is titled Sister Wives because that is what the women refer to each other as.  The women seem to really like having other sister wives, because they are able to share the millions of tasks and responsibilities that normally fall on a wife.

That got me to thinking, "Maybe Adam needs 'brother husbands!'"  But that idea did not last long, since having brother husbands would have the opposite effect that having sister wives has.  Instead of helping, they would just contribute to more chaos.  I think I'll just stick with one husband!

And Adam - Don't even THINK about getting me a sister wife!  This is a one woman show, and I'm the star!

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