Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Running Shoes

Adam and I have been complaining and complaining and complaining about how terrible our running shoes are.  Obviously they are the reason we are not able to run 13.1 miles everyday, obviously!  So today, we broke down and took a little trip over to Academy and each bought a pair of really good running shoes.

Adam's: Asics Gel - Cumulus
Mine: Brooks Adrenaline GTS

We went for a run this evening to test them out.  I could tell a difference immediately!  Good shoes really do make a world of a difference.  No, I still couldn't run 13.1 miles, but we did run 4.5 miles.  In my old shoes, my knees would have long gone given out, but I had hardly any knee issues at all.  The new shoes are great and definitely worth every penny of their hefty price tag.


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