Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nashville Contributor

So I finally bought one today.  I've been wanting to for a while, but this morning was different.  As I rolled up to the stop light and saw the same homeless man that I see every morning selling the homeless newspaper, I rolled down my window and bought one.

The Contributor is a newspaper sold by the homeless of Nashville.  Homeless people buy this newspaper for 25 cents, and then sell it for $1 (or more if they get a tip).  As the back of the newspaper says, "We present diverse perspectives on homelessness and poverty.  We provide homeless and formerly homeless vendors with a source of income.  We create community between vendors and customers."

Back in North Carolina, there were always panhandlers lining every major intersections with buckets asking for money.  I never gave money or ever felt compelled too.  But here it's different.  These people aren't begging for money; they are selling me something, so I really respect that.  They take a portion of their profits everyday and buy more papers.  I think it's a really great system they have going here with The Contributor, and I plan to buy many more newspapers.

 Even Taylor Swift bought one.

Check out this news article about The Contributor newspaper.

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