Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let's Go Canes/Predators?!?!

Tonight was Girls Night!  Adam's good friend Doug (and my friend too) works for the Carolina Hurricanes hockey team as an athletic trainer, and asked if we wanted tickets to the preseason Hurricanes v. Nashville Predators game here in Nashville.  Adam, unfortunately, had to work, so I asked Doug for enough tickets for me and three of my friends from work, and he was sweet enough to get us some.

The evening started off with happy hour (which consisted of half off drinks, appetizers and pizzas - score!) at Sambuca, a very swanky restaurant with delicious food and cocktails in the Gulch.  We sat on the upper deck patio that over looked the city.  It was really nice.

I hated to leave, because we were having such a great time, but we had a hockey game to catch!

The girls at the game in our awesome seats thanks to Doug: Nicole, Jennifer, Val and me.

In the end, the Canes won 3-1.  I wasn't sure who I should root for, because I'm the type of fan who cheers for my home team wherever home may be (i.e. when I lived in Hattiesburg, I cheered for Southern Miss and the Saints.  When I lived in North Carolina, I cheered for the Hurricanes and UNC obviously.  And now that I'm in Nashville, I cheer for the Predators and the Titans).  But I still love North Carolina and will ALWAYS cheer for the Tarheels, but the Canes are a different story.  I do really like them, but there is not a deep tie. Maybe my new rule should be to cheer for the Predators except for when the Hurricanes are in town!  Yeah, that sounds good!
That's Doug sitting on the beach with the white towel over his shoulder looking up in the crowd for us instead of at the game - Ha!  He eventually saw me standing up waving liking a crazy person.

There he is! The Predator himself, doing a little jig for the crowd.

I had such a great time hanging out with the girls tonight.  Thanks again, Doug, for the tickets!


  1. Nice shot of Doug workin' it with the Gatorade towel

  2. Cute! Glad you didn't post any of the bad pics, ha!

    And now that you're in Nashville, Mr. Predator's name is GNASH! :)

  3. Had so much fun! Thanks for posting a pic with my eyes open at least.


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