Saturday, August 14, 2010

You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato

This afternoon, Adam and I headed over to East Nashville for the 7th AnnualI've been hearing such great things about East Nashville, so I was excited to finally check it out. It's a very up and coming, earth friendly, eclectic, urban area, which is just our kind of style. (Kind of reminds me of sweet Carrboro. They aren't there yet, but it's obvious that's the direction they're moving in.) I really like it over there.

There was tons of booths with food, crafts, you name it. It reminded me of Hubfest but with a tomato theme. There was also a 5K run in the morning and lots of different contests: best tomato costume, prettiest redhead, biggest, prettiest, ugliest tomato, and many more.

Bands play all day as well. This band, Deep Fried 5, was really good. We caught them right as they were finishing.

There is also an art contest with tomatoes being the theme, of course.
A bike shop that is located right in the heart of the festival was also hosting a bike art contest as well. I thought these tricycles were cool.

The festival was a lot of fun except for one little problem - it was SO hot! That heat is killer! (110 heat index!) I understand you have to have a Tomato Art Festival when the tomatoes are in season, but what about maybe a Pumpkin Art Festival in October.....just a thought!

Going to festivals, such as this one, make me feel just a little more like a local.....

Adam and I had planned to go to this festival all week, and every time one of us mentioned it, I couldn't help but sing this in my head or out loud.......

Oh, and yes, there was Attack of the Killer Tomatoes art there!

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