Monday, August 30, 2010

"I Just Felt Like Runnin"

Boy, do I wish I had his stamina! I'm working on it though. If you're just tuning in and as a reminder to everyone else, Adam, my dad and I are "training" for the Nashville Country Music Half Marathon next April (notice my new countdown ticker up top). I really can tell I'm improving, but unfortuately, I'm having some knee problems.

Adam (my sweet little athletic trainer) says it's my IT band. Laymans terms: the large group of fibers that run along the outer side of my thigh and connect with my knee are super tight, and after running for a while it causes my knee to hurt SO bad. Adam has shown me a few exercises to stretch it out, and I'm icing it. I can still run, but around mile three my knee starts killing me, which really stinks, because I'm finally at a point where I could actually go further....

Hopefully I will get this issue resolved in the next eight months, because I have a half marathon to run come hell or high water!!

Oh, and I could use all the encouragement in the world! So at anytime during the next eight months, you want to leave me a message that says something along the lines of "Shannon, get your butt up and run today!" I would very much appreciate it :)

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