Monday, August 9, 2010

Flavor of the Week: Back 2 School

This is a Flavor of the Week award special, and it goes to......

All the kiddies in my life who are going back to school today/this week!

Pacey, my 2nd cousin (Kimberly & Cobb's oldest son)
Today marks the first day of your educational career! Enjoy everything kindergarten has to offer: recess, snack time and most importantly nap time (you'll miss those naps one day - trust me!).

Brennon, my little bro
8th grade, watch out! It's your last year of middle school! Study hard, pay no attention to silly girls, practice your tuba (can't wait to see you play; I hear you're awesome!) and have a wonderful year!

Jessie, my youngest sister
How are you already a junior in high school?!? This is impossible! It's your first year driving to school - no more hot bus rides, yay! Enjoy these last two years of high school, but remember why you are there: to work hard and make good grades! Socializing is equally important but comes second!

Anna, my sister-in-law
Anna starts her first year at Jones Junior College this week. Go Bobcats! Enjoy every minute of living in the dorms, playing basketball and simply being in college. There is nothing like college life!

....and I'll end with a special song to the four of you......ENJOY!!

Have a wonderful school year!
(What is a Flavor of the Week award?)

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