Friday, July 23, 2010

Pound Cake

Adam's new boss, Alex, invited us over to his house for dinner with him and his wife tonight, so I decided to make a pound cake to take with us.

I have had a love for pound cakes since I was a kid. Pound cakes are a traditional southern dessert, and they were a staple at Mawmaw's (my late great-grandmother) house on Sunday afternoons for lunch after church. I don't know if my pound cake can compare to her's, but Adam seems to think it's great.

I prefer a sour cream pound cake, because I think it turns out more moist. Of course by now, you know who's recipe I followed: Paula Deen's! (I really do have other recipes that aren't Paula Deen's.....) Here is the recipe. It's not a hard recipe at all, but there are some things to remember when baking one:
  • Always use real butter or the pound cake will not form a nice buttery crust
  • Mix in 1 egg at a time alternating with the flour
  • Always start with flour and end with flour (i.e. flour, mix, egg, mix, flour, mix, egg, mix, flour, get the idea)
Besides that, it's pretty simple! You probably have everything you need right now in your fridge and pantry.

(My recipe book being put to good use.)

Make one tonight, and serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a glass of ice cold milk. It's fabulous!


  1. Your dad told me about your great grandmother's pound cake. He said he has never tasted one as good as hers. Too bad you didn't get her recipe but this pound cake looks yummy. I will have to try it.

  2. Mawmaw's was really good, but this one is pretty darn close. You should definitely make one!


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