Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nature Hike

Adam does not officially start work until Monday, and I am, well....unemployed at the moment, so we have been exploring. Today, we went over to Radnor Lake (which is maybe 5 miles from our apartment) to run their nature trails.

Once we got there, we quickly learned that our run was not going to be possible. These signs were everywhere. So we decided to walk it anyway.

There were trails marked on the map as easy, moderate and hard hikes. Unbeknownst to us until the end, we hiked the hard trail. The trail took us way up a mountain side (not really a mountain, but a HUGE Tennessee hill). We thought we were just going to go on a fun hike since we weren't able to run, but it turned into a pretty good workout.

The trail took us around the lake as well.

There were deer EVERYWHERE! We saw 20 deer altogether; no joke! 15 does, 3 fawns and 2 small bucks. This picture is not zoomed in; I was that close to it. They were not afraid of humans at all.

(Adam trying to be artistic)

Altogether we hiked a little over 3 miles. It was a lot of fun. We will definitely be going back to hike some more of their trails.


  1. Oh! This could be fun next weekend.

  2. I totally told Adam when we were hiking that we should come back with Chelle. So bring some hiking stuff and we will definitely go!


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