Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nashville Half Marathon

I have yet to mention this on my blog due to all the craziness involved with moving, but before we moved to Nashville, Adam and I decided we are going to run the Nashville Country Music Half Marathon. That's right; all 13.1 miles of it! It's April 30th, and we have already started training. We are only at 3 miles so far, but we have 9 months to get the other 10 miles.

I have also convinced my dad to run it as well. He will turn 50 on April 5th and will run his very first half marathon a couple of weeks later (I think that's pretty cool!). That's right Dad; I have officially announced that you are running with us, so no turning back now! I know you won't back out though, because once you put your mind to something, you do it!

This is me and Adam's first half marathon as well. Our plan is to run two 5Ks and a 10k during the 9 months of training to give us small goals along the way. I'm so excited about it! My only goal is to finish the half marathon WITHOUT stopping! I don't care about how long it takes me, just that I don't stop. My dad has ran a 10K before (many moons ago) and some 5Ks, and Adam and I have ran a couple of 5Ks, so this is a pretty big deal for all 3 of us.

Adam and I found a really nice walking/running trail that runs along a creek this afternoon and ran there. Man, it was hot! We didn't run until 6 or 6:30 p.m. and still could barely breathe due to the stifling humidity. I can't wait til it cools down a bit.

I'm sure I will talk a lot about the half marathon throughout the next 9 months. All three of us are going to need a lot of motivation to make it through, but I know achieving this goal will be so rewarding and fulfilling. Here is a video clip of the 2010 race:

I can't wait!!!

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